McDonough Crime Rate 2024 – Latest Statistics

McDonough Crime Rate 2024

The charming city of McDonough, Georgia, has been known for decades as an area filled with rich history and a vibrant community. However, just like many other cities across the United States, there is a statistical probability that those living in or visiting McDonough could be the victim of a crime. Exploring the McDonough crime rate provides details into the safety landscape and can help those who live and visit here do so safely.

Violent Crime Rate

The overall crime rate in McDonough in 2024 and prior appears to be comparable to both the national average of the United States and across Georgia. According to Neighborhood Scout, a residential data site that collects information from local law enforcement and other agencies, the statistical odds of being a victim of a violent crime in McDonough is 1 in 268. A violent crime can be considered any illegal act of force or threat against another individual.

When compared to Georgia, the same resource states the chances of being a victim of a violent crime in the state in general is 1 in 272. This reinforces the need for residents and visitors alike to be aware and proactive about their personal safety, no matter if they are in McDonough or just simply traveling around the state.

In May of 2024, Governor Brian Kemp signed ten new crime and public safety bills. One main component of these efforts is to require cash bail for 30 more crimes than the state previously had required. This is an effort to deter repeat offenders from continuing to commit crimes against innocent Georgians and reduce the overall crime statistics.

Property Crime

Similar to violent crime, the city of McDonough also experiences varying levels of property crime. Neighborhood Scout reveals the chances of being involved in a property crime in McDonough is 1 in 41. This is significantly lower than the rates for Georgia as a whole, which sits at 1 in 59.

Property crimes encompass any act where someone has taken something unlawfully from another person. Theft is one of the most common offenses in this crime category, which is the unauthorized taking of another individual or entity’s personal or commercial property without using physical harm to complete the act. When threats or acts of abuse are used to commit a personal crime, this act will also extend into the state’s violent crime statistics.

How Can I Stay Safe in McDonough, GA?

Keeping yourself safe from violent or property crimes in McDonough will take a combination of personal safety measures, securing your home, and staying vigilant in your community. Some tips to keep in mind include:

Stay Informed About Your Neighborhood

Knowledge will always serve as a strong foundation to keep you and your loved ones safe. Use online tools and resources to stay updated on the crime statistics in your area.

Enhance Your Home Security

You want to make it as difficult as possible for someone to unlawfully enter your home. Consider investing in good quality locks, a robust home security system, and perhaps even motion sensor lights to prevent someone from carrying out the act when the lights turn on them. Having a home security system that you can check on when you’re not home can give you greater peace of mind that your property is safe and secure.

Practice Personal Safety

As you travel around McDonough, always be aware of your surroundings. This is especially true if you are entering an area of the city you are not used to. Try to avoid displaying any valuable items and be cautious when pulling your wallet out or using an ATM. During late hours, travel with a group of friends or family.


Q: Is McDonough, GA, A Good Place to Live?

A: The city of McDonough is a good place to live, as it offers a unique blend of a small-town charm but is still filled with many conveniences that are offered in more suburban living. Between its historic downtown area, the number of family-friendly events the area hosts each year, and the number of employers to work for, many people consider the area a good place to live either alone or to raise a family.

Q: What Part of Georgia is the Safest to Live In?

A: The safest areas to live in across Georgia are Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Milton, and Roswell to name a few. These cities are known to score low on the crime rate scale while also offering reputable school systems and many recreational opportunities to live a quality life. Areas like Johns Creek consistently rank as one of the safest communities, which can be attributed to its proactive law enforcement strategies and community initiatives that prioritize safety.

Q: What is the Poverty Rate in McDonough, GA?

A: 10.4% of the population in McDonough, Georgia, sits below the poverty line. Within this percentage, 18% are children under the age of 18, and 9% are seniors over the age of 65. Living in these conditions can dramatically impact an individual’s life, making it difficult for them to access quality education or healthcare. This is especially true when experiencing poverty as a child, which can lead to long-term disadvantages that make it more challenging to succeed.

Q: Do Poverty and Crime Relate?

A: Yes, there can be a relationship between poverty and crime. Some studies have been able to show a link between higher rates of poverty being associated with more acts of crime. Limited access to economic opportunities and higher levels of stress are two contributing factors to this relationship. Proactively addressing these unmet needs through poverty reduction initiatives can simultaneously help an area reduce its crime rate as well.

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