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Navigating your own felony charge in Fulton County can be extremely distressing, especially when you know the penalties can be extremely consequential to your life. This makes the act of choosing a Fulton County felony lawyer one of the most important decisions you will make in this legal process. Having this type of resource will not only give you the ability to defend your rights in court but also help ensure you are able to secure the most favorable outcome possible.

At Miller North & Brill, our team of criminal defense attorneys holds the highest standards possible when it comes to crafting a legal defense for our clients. We have years of experience dealing with felony cases and picking up on nuances that can completely change the course of a case. We enforce a client-centered approach to ensure that each of our clients is informed at every step of the process.

Fulton County Felony Lawyer

What Are the Most Common Felony Charges in Fulton County?

Both misdemeanors and felonies charged in Fulton County range widely from varying violent acts to financial crimes. Some of the most commonly found felonies include:

Violent Felonies

Crimes considered “violent” are often characterized by an act of physical harm or threat to an individual. Aggravated assaults are common violent felonies where one individual attacks another person with the intent to cause bodily harm. These crimes are often accompanied by a weapon. Another common felony in Georgia is murder, which is any act where a life was intentionally taken.

Drug-Related Felony Charges

Drug-related felonies refer to offenses related to illegal substances. Anyone caught possessing, distributing, or manufacturing a controlled substance will risk being charged with a felony. The charges vary based on what type of drug was used, how much, and what activity was involved, such as possessing with the intent to distribute or trafficking.

Property Crimes

Stealing someone else’s property in Fulton County can be a felony, depending on the details of the crime. One of the most common is burglary, which is when someone enters a building without permission and has the intent to commit a crime. Another example is theft, which is the simple act of taking someone else’s property without the authority to do so. Penalties for this felony can range from fines to jail time, depending on how much economic damage was caused.

Financial Crimes

Financial crimes, otherwise known as white-collar crimes, are sophisticated crimes often committed by individuals who have a certain level of power or authority in their organization. The most common financial felony is called embezzlement, which is when someone intentionally misappropriates funds for their own financial gain. Because this crime deceitfully breaches an entity’s trust, it can be met with significant fines and potentially incarceration.

Sexual Assault Crimes

Any sexual act performed against someone who did not consent is considered a sexual assault and can qualify as a felony charge. Rape and aggravated sexual battery are two common sexual assault crimes charged in Fulton County, Georgia. Because these crimes are such severe personal violations, they are among the most heavily penalized in the state. This can include lifelong consequences such as a long prison sentence or having to register as a sex offender.

Understanding the differences between these categories and their consequences is critical for anyone who has been accused of committing a felony. Because each felony has its own set of legal challenges, a knowledgeable defense attorney will be able to guide you through from start to finish to help you avoid any case delays or violations of your rights.


Q: How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost in Georgia?

A: The cost of hiring a criminal lawyer in Georgia depends on many different factors in your case, such as how long it will take to resolve and how many years of experience your attorney has. Attorneys can also offer different payment structures. Some might prefer to be paid hourly, while others are more comfortable collecting a retainer fee upfront to secure their time. Be sure to discuss the cost during your free consultation.

Q: What Is an Arraignment in a Felony Case?

A: Arrangements in felony cases are scheduled court appearances where a defendant states how they want to proceed in their case. This is referred to as a “plea before the court.” An individual can take the position that they are either guilty or not guilty. They could also take the route of a “no contest,” which means they don’t want to admit they committed a felony but also don’t want to combat the allegations either.

Q: Can I Change the Court Date for My Felony Charge?

A: You are able to change the court date if you are facing a felony charge as long as you have contacted your local court and submitted the request at least five days before you are supposed to make an appearance. It’s important you keep track of your obligations and submit this request on time, as missing your court appearance without rescheduling will cause the issue of a warrant for your arrest.

Q: Can You Get Probation for a Felony in Georgia?

A: Yes, you can get probation as a penalty for a felony in Georgia instead of a prison sentence. This is especially true for first-time felony charges or anyone who engaged in a non-violent crime. It is also possible to have a split sentence, which is a scenario where someone’s jail sentence ends earlier than normal to enter a probation period before they are totally free. The length of this probation will vary based on the crime and is up to the discretion of the court.

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