Fulton County Sex Crime Lawyer

Fulton County Sex Crime Attorney

Facing allegations of committing a sex crime can have a significant impact on someone’s personal life. Fortunately, a Fulton County sex crime lawyer can be one of the most influential resources when defending against these claims of wrongdoing. Whether you have been accused of sexual assault, misconduct, or even exploitation, a sex crime attorney will review every detail of your case to create the most favorable custom defense strategy possible to reduce or dismiss the charges against you.

At Miller North & Brill, we bring an unprecedented level of compassion to defending our clients accused of sex crimes in Fulton County. We understand how high the stakes are in these sensitive cases, which is why we take exploring every possible legal avenue seriously to protect your rights and reputation as much as possible. Get in touch with us today to see how we can replicate our successes from the past to help secure a better outcome for you.

Fulton County Sex Crime Lawyer

Common Defense Strategies to Combat Sex Crime Allegations

To successfully defend against sex crime accusations in Fulton County, a defense attorney must collaborate with their client to carefully organize a tailored defense to combat the prosecution’s evidence. Some of the most effective strategies to employ include:


One of the most targeted aspects of a sex crime case is the concept of consent. This strategy would require a defense to clearly show how all parties in the situation consented to the sexual acts. Evidence like text messages or witnesses that can speak to the exchange of consent can help to support this position. The goal is to combat the prosecution’s stance that the defendant engaged in non-consensual activity.


An effective alibi has the power to completely destroy a prosecution’s narrative of what happened at the scene of the alleged crime. This is because the alibi will testify that the defendant was elsewhere during the scene of the crime, making it impossible for them to have committed the act. The alibi’s testimonial could be coupled with time-stamped receipts or video surveillance footage to further demonstrate the defendant’s whereabouts.

Mistaken Identity

In cases where the perpetrator of the sex crime is under dispute, a mistaken identity defense position could be advantageous. To further drive this defense strategy, an attorney can point to different flaws in how the victim or witnesses identified the suspect. For example, raising doubts about the integrity of a lineup could diminish the impact that specific piece of evidence has on the entire case.

False Accusations

Sometimes, a defense lawyer will take the position that the prosecution is making false claims. This could be possible for a number of different motivators on the prosecution’s side, such as jealousy for the defendant or trying to engage in an act of revenge. For this to be successful, the defense attorney will need to explore the accuser’s background and try to connect the dots between details of their life and what could be motivating their behavior.

Insufficient Evidence

Another popular defense is to claim that the prosecution’s evidence is too weak and does not meet the legal standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.” To make this apparent, the attorney could highlight different inconsistencies in their testimonials, point out a lack of physical evidence, or even question the specific forensic methods used to collect evidence. The overall aim of this is to create doubt in the jury and make the case’s shortcomings clear.

Regardless of which defense positions are used, each requires a strong command of legal principles, forensic science, and human behavior. Securing an effective criminal defense attorney for your sex crime case can help fill in your knowledge gaps and boost your odds of executing the most effective defense possible.


Q: Is Georgia Tough on Sex Offenders?

A: Yes, Georgia has a reputation for being tough on sex offenders. There are a number of laws implemented to monitor and manage the activities of convicted sex offenders to help protect the public’s safety. For example, the state mandates certain lifetime registration for certain sex crimes and ensures that the public is able to access the information easily.

Q: Can You Be Removed From the Sex Offender Registry in Georgia?

A: Yes, it is possible to remove yourself from the sex offender registry in Georgia. However, it will depend on a few different factors. First, the individual will need to have completed the entire duration of their prison sentence and parole if either of these were official penalties. They also need to have been sentenced for the crime after July 1, 2006. There must also be no evidence to suggest the individual has repeated the crime since being released from prison or parole.

Q: What Happens If a Sex Offender Does Not Register for the Registry?

A: If a convicted sex offender fails to register for Georgia’s sexual offender registry, they will face penalties from the state. Some of these penalties could include a lengthy prison sentence, high fines, or a combination of both. Failing to register could also impact the offender’s parole or probation status. These strict rules were designed to reinforce Georgia’s strategy to protect the general public against convicted sex offenders.

Q: What Makes an Effective Sexual Assault Attorney?

A: The most effective sexual assault attorneys are well-versed in their discipline of the legal system and can prioritize taking a sensitive approach in handling their client’s case. These crime attorneys have a strong command of what type of evidence and defense strategies would be most successful in court. They also have strong communication skills to explain complicated legal processes in layman’s terms and keep you updated on the journey of your case.

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