Laura Shuffler

Laura Shuffler


Laura Shuffler has worked as a Paralegal for 17 years, with 12 years spent assisting in criminal defense. A longtime resident of Georgia, Laura earned a bachelor’s degree in English in 2002 from the University of Georgia before working at Ferguson Law Firm, a domestic litigation firm, in Clayton County. After a brief hiatus to start a family, she began working at a high profile criminal defense firm in Henry County in 2007 before joining the Miller North & Brill team in 2015. She has assisted attorneys in jury trials for cases concerning malice/felony murder, vehicular homicide, child molestation, armed robbery, and drug offenses, as well as a range of misdemeanors.

Laura is a resourceful member of the Miller North & Brill team, and her role includes reviewing and investigating cases from the onset of your matter to trial assistance. She enjoys the challenge of finding witnesses, recovering documents, and organizing evidence so as to help the attorneys present the best case to a jury.

Laura Shuffler

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