"She had the best outcome for me and I appreciate her tenacity."

Attorney Miller went above and beyond to defend my DUI case. I would recommend her to anyone I come across. She had the best outcome for me and I appreciate her tenacity in seeing the case all the way through. Thank you.

Former Client

"Susan Miller knows what she's is doing and will not let you down!"

Suesan Miller is basically apart of our family now. She has been working for us for over 2 years and has always been honest and reliable. Everything she prepared us for is exactly how things have unfolded. Anytime I call or email her or her office, I always get a quick response. Her staff is the best and always willing to help me with any questions. I would highly recommend Suesan! Just know that you will be taken care of. Trust her and her advice for your situation. She knows what she’s is doing and will not let you down!

Former Client

"Absolutely wonderful to work with."

I have retained Suesan Miller on 3 occasions and she was able to secure a more than favorable outcome every time. She and her staff exceeded every expectation that I had and were absolutely wonderful to work with. I have recommended her to several friends and would not use anyone one else.


"I honestly can’t thank her and her team enough for their kindness, understanding, and professionalism."

I would’ve never imagined I would find myself in a situation where I would need Ms. Miller’s help, but I did. My entire life flashed before my eyes. I was an emotional, terrified mess. From the moment I called her office I never once felt judged, in fact I was comforted and reassured that everything was going to be ok. Ms. Miller is extremely knowledgeable and, as I quickly come to learn, highly respected in her profession. Rightfully so. I honestly can’t thank her or her team enough for their kindness, understanding, and professionalism.

Former Client

"The outcome and verdict to my case was astonishing!"

Ms. Miller was very welcoming, attentive and informative during my consultation. Once I hired Ms. Miller, she was direct and straightforward about what could happen with the case…very transparent. Although she had several clients already retained, she still made time for me and my needs. I never felt that my case took a backseat to other clients. The outcome and verdict to my case was astonishing! It is hard to believe that I could have been represented by a better lawyer and person!


"Dedicated to YOU!"

Professional. Experienced. Impressive. All words that absolutely describe Suesan and her staff. But accompanying these qualities is, to me, the most important one: Her dedication to YOU. If you decide to hire Ms. Miller as your lawyer, you are not getting just another name with a degree and some legal knowledge. I was not just another case to deal with before moving on to the next. What I found in Suesan was someone that wasn’t there just to handle my case and get her money, but a real human being that was there to help ME. She will be your partner, your teammate, throughout the entire process. Having experienced everything I went through and looking back on it, nothing helped to comfort me more during an uncomfortable and trying time than having someone like Suesan that I could wholeheartedly trust. She really does care about here clients, and is incredibly good at what she does. You cannot go wrong by hiring Suesan Miller and I would recommend her to any and everyone.


"Ms. Miller is incredibly dedicated and compassionate."

On my occasion to utilize the services of Ms. Miller, I found her to be incredibly dedicated and compassionate in the case that we were working on. Never have I witnessed someone who put everything they had into their profession. She honestly was there every step of the way in the emotional nature of my court case. I would be delighted to recommend her to anyone that would prefer to have an attorney in their corner that doesn’t fit the mold of the average every day attorney that we all know.


"Worth every penny!"

From the very first phone call, Suesan and her staff were professional and kind. I knew she came highly recommended, but not always are the best attorneys actually kind and compassionate. Her staff was always there to help, and she was there any time I needed her personally. I highly recommend Suesan Miller to anyone in need of an attorney, especially if you want results, and more specifically from someone who actually cares about you. Don’t shortchange yourself, nor your future, to try to save a few hundred bucks. She’s worth every penny!


"Getting my case was dismissed was a huge weight off of my shoulders."

Suesan Miller represented me and the judge dismissed the case. She is the best of the best. I have referred her to other people that are in need of a top notch professional attorney. She is a very professional, positive, dedicated attorney and gets the job done. She always called me back if I had a question or if she was in court her assistant would contact me. I definitely made the right decision when I chose Suesan Miller as my attorney. Knowing that my case was dismissed was a huge weight off of my shoulders. I will never be able to thank Suesan Miller for what she did for me. Please do not hesitate if you are in need of an excellent attorney that fights for you and gets the job done. Call Suesan Miller.


Great attorney

Mr. Brill took my case on short notice but it seemed like he prepared for a year. He knew exactly what he was doing and handled business in court. He makes people choke on their words when he cross examines. Definitely recommend to anyone.


Great reasonable lawyer that fights for you

Mr North handled my case and did everything I asked of him. He would frequently call me just to check on me and make sure I was doing good. He took my case and won my case when nobody else would help. I highly recommend Mr North to anybody who needs a lawyer who will fight and get stuff done in the injustice justice system


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