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Most people living in Henry County are familiar with the term “white collar crime,” but it’s essential to understand the various criminal offenses that fall under this definition. Generally, a white collar criminal offense is any nonviolent crime that is financial in nature, typically committed for personal gain. While these crimes typically do not involve bodily harm to victims, the financial damages they can inflict are substantial, and some white collar crimes are connected to violent and destructive criminal activity.

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Experienced White Collar Criminal Defense in McDonough, GA

If you have been charged with any white collar criminal offense in Henry County, you need defense counsel you can trust to guide you to the best possible outcome to this difficult situation. A McDonough white collar crime defense attorney is the ideal asset in this situation, and the team at Miller North & Brill is ready to provide the criminal defense representation you need for your impending case.

Understanding White Collar Crimes

Many different offenses fall under the purview of white-collar crime in McDonough, GA, including:

  • Many types of fraud occur every day in the United States, including wire fraud, mail fraud, credit card fraud, and more. Fraud occurs whenever an individual knowingly misrepresents information in any official capacity for personal gain.
  • Insider trading. It is illegal for anyone to exercise stock options with knowledge that is not publicly available. This is a complex area of white collar law that often entails substantial sums of money, and these cases commonly involve more than one defendant acting in concert.
  • This offense involves an offer of money or services in exchange for a public official’s special treatment. For example, if a company executive offers a sizeable campaign contribution to a politician in exchange for pressing for a law that benefits the executive’s company, this would be an example of white collar crime and political corruption.
  • This offense involves using company funds for personal use. While some companies will provide expense accounts to employees, there is a difference between using an expense account as intended and stealing company funds through deception.
  • Money laundering. Some cash-based businesses will launder cash from illegal activities like drug sales to make the funds appear as legitimate sales.

These are only a few examples, and white collar crime is further defined into the categories of individual crimes and corporate crimes. Corporate crimes are more serious as they typically involve multiple parties acting in concert to perform an illegal activity for personal gain.

Penalties for White Collar Crime in Georgia

White collar criminal offenses may not be physically damaging to victims, but they are still tremendously harmful in various ways. For example, a corporate white collar crime could potentially impact many victims, resulting in losses that are initially difficult to calculate. These cases not only lead to criminal penalties for defendants, but they could also be liable for the civil damages they caused to their victims.

To secure a conviction in any criminal case, the prosecution must prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt by leveraging physical evidence, digital evidence, and witness testimony. In the event that multiple defendants acted in concert to commit a white collar crime, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act could come into play, and all members who participated in the illegal activity would face the same charges.

Your Rights After Arrest for a White Collar Crime in McDonough, GA

If you are arrested for any criminal offense in Henry County, you have the right to legal counsel. The Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution upholds that every American citizen has the right to be represented by an attorney when they are accused of a crime, even if they cannot afford one or if they do not wish to pay a private attorney’s fees. If you cannot or will not hire private defense counsel, the Henry County court can appoint a public defender to represent you free of charge.

This might seem like a cost-effective option for handling your defense, but most public defenders are responsible for multiple clients at a time. This means a public defender may only be able to provide an hour or so to handle your case each day. When you hire a private McDonough white collar crime defense attorney, they can offer more individual attention to your case.

Another reason to hire private defense counsel instead of sticking with a public defender is the fact that most white collar crimes typically require understanding and careful review of very detailed financial matters. Some white collar criminal cases pertain to isolated incidents but many involve expansive patterns of unethical and illegal behavior committed over a long period of time. If your case involves these challenging factors, you need an attorney who has the skill and resources to address the unique details of your case as effectively as possible.

What to Expect From Your McDonough White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

When you choose Miller North & Brill as your defense representation in Henry County, our firm will provide the responsive and meticulous legal counsel you want to have to approach your proceedings with confidence. In the United States, the criminal justice system revolves around the concept of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutors bringing charges against you have the burden of proving you committed the offense in question, and they will strive to accomplish this through effective leveraging of the evidence in play. It is your defense attorney’s job to prevent them from meeting their burden of proof or to establish an alibi that proves you could not have committed the offense in question.

Many white collar criminal cases spiral into heavily contested legal disputes involving multiple parties. Unfortunately, some defendants are accused of crimes committed by their employer or superiors at work, and others are unwittingly pulled into criminal activity that they are unaware is happening until it is too late. Whatever your case entails, you can rest assured that the team at Miller North & Brill will extend the full scope of our resources and experience in helping you avoid conviction if possible or minimizing your sentence if necessary.

FAQs About Georgia White Collar Crime Laws

What Are the Most Serious White Collar Criminal Offenses?

Any white collar crime that involves defrauding a federal agency or federal program is likely to qualify as a federal offense, and the penalties for defendants can include incarceration in federal prison, fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per offense, restitution to affected victims, and much more.

What Is the Most Common White Collar Crime?

Fraud accounts for more than 80% of all white collar crime cases in the United States each year. However, “fraud” is a relatively broad term and there are many types of fraud that constitute white collar crimes. Wire and mail fraud are typically committed to take advantage of individuals while Medicare, Social Security, and welfare fraud exploit government programs. Securities fraud pertains to insider trading and other unethical manipulation of the stock market.

How Can I Avoid Jail Time for a White Collar Crime?

When the prosecution has all the evidence it needs to secure a conviction, it may be willing to consider a plea deal to conserve court resources. If the defendant agrees to enter a guilty plea, the prosecution may be willing to reduce the penalty and/or remove or lower some charges to less serious offenses. Plea deals are not offered to every defendant, and it’s very important to consult your McDonough white collar crimes defense attorney to determine whether this would be the best option for your case.

How Long Does a White Collar Crime Case Take to Resolve?

The time your case could take to reach a conclusion depends largely on the scope of the evidence against you and the severity of your charges. When the prosecution has a solid case it will likely seek a speedy trial, but there are many complicated factors that might arise in any given criminal case. Your McDonough white collar crimes defense attorney can likely provide an estimate of how long it will take you to reach a conclusion to your case.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a McDonough White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney?

The majority of Henry County criminal defense attorneys charge their clients by the hour, so the more time they must spend handling a particular client’s case, the more it will cost the client in legal fees. Before you sign a contract for a defense attorney’s representation, be sure you fully understand their billing policy and are comfortable with the cost before proceeding with their counsel.

The attorneys at Miller North & Brill have years of experience handling all types of criminal cases on behalf of Henry County clients, including those charged with white collar criminal offenses. These cases often involve complex financial issues and may entail interactions with state or federal agencies. Whatever your case involves, you can rest assured that our team will aggressively defend your rights through all stages of your criminal case. Contact us today and schedule your consultation with a McDonough white collar crimes defense attorney you can trust with your defense.

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