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Sometimes, individuals can have misunderstandings that lead to undesirable outcomes, such as fights or physical altercations. If you have recently found yourself in a complex and charged situation that led to aggravated assault charges in McDonough, GA, then you may be wondering what your options are.

Aggravated assault charges are considered to be felony offenses in Georgia and, therefore, can come with high penalties and have long-lasting consequences for your life. For such reasons, it’s critical to work with a dedicated McDonough criminal defense attorney who knows how to pull the right strings to optimize your case outcomes.

At Miller North & Brill, our team of criminal defense attorneys has decades of experience handling serious felony cases similar to yours, and we do not shy away from mounting a strong defense and leveraging our deep knowledge of the Georgia court system and state criminal law. A criminal attorney from our McDonough-based team can take in the minute details of your case to determine how they can better represent you in order to get your penalties minimized or even work toward getting your charges dropped.

McDonough Aggravated Battery Lawyer

What Is Aggravated Battery in Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, aggravated battery is the most serious of the battery-related crimes and is therefore taken very seriously by prosecutors. If a person has malintent to harm a person’s body in a severe manner and carries it out, this is considered to be an aggravated battery case.

Such severe harm under Georgia aggravated battery laws must include one of the following criteria:

  • A person loses a part of their body, such as an arm or a leg, as a result of the harm.
  • A person loses a function in their body, such as having kidney failure or brain cognition issues, as a result of the harm.
  • A person has a part of their body severely warped or disfigured as a result of the harm.

In order for the prosecution to convict a person on aggravated battery charges, they must prove that the accused had malintent and that the victim sustained severe harm under the criteria mentioned above. Therefore, common defense strategies can involve proving that one or more of the elements of aggravated battery were not present in a particular case.

Severe Aggravated Battery Penalties in Georgia

In Georgia, if you are convicted of aggravated battery charges, then there is a minimum prison sentencing of one year and a maximum sentence of twenty years. However, there are some cases in the state that lead to greater prison sentencing requirements, including the following:

  • If the aggravated battery is considered to have been carried out against a public officer who was either on duty or intentionally targeted due to their profession, then the mandatory minimum sentence will be ten years in prison. They will also have to pay a minimum fine of $2,000 dollars.
  • If the victim of the aggravated battery crime is above the age of 64 years, then this is considered to be a more severe aggravated battery charge. The minimum prison sentence is five years, and the maximum is twenty years.
  • When the aggravated battery takes place at a station for public transit, such as a bus stop or train station, or within the cabin or means of public transit, then the mandatory minimum sentence goes up from one year to five years in prison.
  • If the aggravated battery incident takes place within a school zone, as is perpetrated against a student or teacher in the vicinity, then this raises the mandatory minimum sentence in prison from one year to five years.
  • In the case that the aggravated battery is a domestic violence case, meaning that it may include current or ex-partners who have a common child, a married couple, a divorced couple, parents or guardians and children, and other domestic relationships, then the mandatory minimum sentence is raised from one year to three years.

If you are unsure about the penalties you might be facing or whether your case should be classified as aggravated battery or less serious charges, then it’s important to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help lay out the facts for you.

FAQs About McDonough, GA Aggravated Battery Laws

What Is the Minimum Sentence You Can Get for Committing a GA Aggravated Battery Crime?

In the state of Georgia, if you are convicted on aggravated battery charges, you will be required to spend at least one year in prison. It’s important to note, however, that there are more serious minimum sentencing periods if you are charged with a more aggravated crime, which can include three years and five years minimum time spent in prison.

Is It Possible to Get Probation Instead of Prison Time for Aggravated Battery in Georgia?

If you are convicted on aggravated battery charges in Georgia, it is possible to get probation instead of prison time, but the minimum sentencing time will be one year. A criminal defense lawyer can help you negotiate the terms of your penalties with the prosecution or fight to defend you during the trial to help you get minimal penalties.

How Much Does a GA Felony Lawyer Cost?

In the state of Georgia, the price of a criminal defense lawyer working on felony cases will vary depending on the complexity of the details involved, the severity of the charges, the location of the firm, and the qualifications and experience of the lawyer. The average hourly rate for a criminal defense lawyer in Georgia is around $300 dollars, but for a felony case, you can expect to pay a steeper hourly rate.

What Is The Difference Between Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Battery in Georgia?

In Georgia, aggravated assault is considered to be a less serious crime than aggravated battery. The aggravated battery itself involves actual physical damage or harm that has already occurred, while aggravated assault includes the intent to cause harm or the attempted effort to cause harm.

Protect Yourself Against Predatory Prosecution in McDonough, GA

If you are facing serious criminal charges, such as aggravated assault charges, it’s critical to make sure that you are being properly represented by devoted and experienced McDonough criminal defense lawyers. At Miller North & Brill, we prioritize the client experience, use our attention to detail to craft a strong defense, and work with the prosecution to negotiate down charges when necessary. Contact us today in order to safeguard your future.

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