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A criminal conviction can have devastating consequences on your life and future livelihood. You could be facing severe criminal penalties and loss of educational and professional opportunities. At Miller North & Brill, our McDonough rehabilitation attorneys help clients in Georgia find alternatives that allow them to avoid incarceration and rebuild their lives.

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Rehabilitation in Georgia

Often, when alcohol or drug use results in criminal charges, there is an underlying addiction problem. In these situations, rehabilitation may be more appropriate and effective for helping people break the cycle of addiction and become responsible members of society. An experienced attorney can help you investigate possible alternatives to traditional sentences.

A defendant may be eligible for rehabilitation if:

Our McDonough rehabilitation lawyers work to build a strong defense for each client. We will evaluate your case, the evidence, your criminal history, and history of drug or alcohol abuse. Our attorneys work to develop a strong defense to demonstrate why an alternative to traditional incarceration is appropriate in your situation.

What Our Law Firm Can Offer You

We know that the criminal justice system has its flaws. Too often are people treated unfairly due to discrimination and law enforcement’s overzealous need to make arrests to meet quotas. People may treat you like you’re already guilty after an arrest, and it can feel like no one is on your side.

Our firm was founded to help people. We advocate for our clients no matter how serious the charges. Additionally, if you were unjustly convicted of a crime, we can represent you in the appeals process. Justice only works when people are treated fairly and given the right opportunities to make-up for any wrongdoing, which is why we are advocates for rehabilitation.

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