Dekalb County Drug Crime Lawyer

Dekalb County Drug Crime Attorney

Drug charges are serious, and convictions can have life-changing consequences. Your future freedom, opportunities, and reputation are on the line if you are facing drug crime accusations. Do not face drug charges alone. You need a skilled Dekalb County drug crime lawyer to advocate for your rights.

Dekalb County Drug Crime Lawyer

Understanding Drug Crime Charges in Dekalb County

At Miller North & Brill, we aggressively defend clients charged with drug crimes. Georgia classifies drug crimes based on the type and quantity of the involved substance. Higher crime classifications have higher penalties. While lower classifications may be misdemeanors, higher levels are felony charges.

You can go to prison for a first-time drug offense in Georgia. Our criminal defense attorneys can fight against that happening. We are skilled in defending drug crime charges in Dekalb County, including:

  • Marijuana Possession
  • Possession of Paraphernalia
  • Drug Distribution/Trafficking
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute
  • Drug Manufacturing

If an officer arrests you for a drug crime, you need to contact an attorney immediately to ensure someone preserves your rights.

The Importance of Early Representation

With drug crimes, legal representation is vital in the initial stages. Timely intervention can guide the entire process. Directly after being accused of a crime, a drug crime attorney can work on your behalf. While law enforcement gathers evidence and witnesses and builds their case, your attorney can provide counsel on how to avoid incriminating yourself during upcoming police interactions.

Additionally, if you acquire legal representation early enough, your attorney may be able to conduct pre-charge negotiations to resolve matters before you receive a formal charge. By exploring alternative resolutions like diversion programs and pre-charge negotiations can dramatically impact the accused crime’s effect on your life.

Early legal representation can be invaluable in many other ways. It is crucial to contact us as soon as possible, whether that means when you know you are a suspect in a drug crime case or if you have just been arrested. Do not hesitate to contact an attorney to see what help they can provide.

Helping Navigate the Legal Process

While most legal processes are complex, the drug crime system can seem even more difficult for first-time offenders. A skilled attorney can guide you through every step of the process and ensure they advocate for you at each stage. After your arrest, we can be with you through pre-trial hearings, possible plea bargain negotiations, trial preparation, and court representation when necessary.

Building Strong Defense Strategies

At Miller North & Brill, we fight aggressively to protect your rights. Whether or not the evidence against you seems insurmountable, our job is to defend your innocence against your charges. We can explore all possible defense strategies, such as:

  • Illegal Search and Seizure: If your arrest resulted from an unlawful search and seizure, discovering this can be vital to your case. The court could then throw out the discovery of drugs in your case.
  • Mishandling of Evidence: Tampered or mishandled evidence can be challenged. We would work to fight against this evidence aggressively.
  • Lack of Intent or Knowledge: We can argue that you had no knowledge of the drugs in your possession or that you had no intent to distribute or use them. This strategy can work if there is evidence showing the drugs belonged to another person or that someone tricked you into carrying them.

Alongside these defenses, our attorneys can negotiate plea bargains to reduce charges or help you receive a favorable sentence. Additionally, advocating for alternative sentencing like drug programs can minimize the drug crime’s impact on your life. Our priority throughout the entire legal process is achieving the most favorable outcome available to you.

Addressing Our Clients’ Concerns

We understand that receiving a drug charge can cause specific anxieties. We can help you through bond hearings, get released from custody, understand potential sentences, and explore possible record expungement. Coming to us with your concerns can ensure we address each and help you navigate forward.

Attorneys Focused on Client Success

Miller North & Brill’s Dekalb County drug crime attorneys will take the time to understand your unique situation. We develop customized defense strategies that maximize chances of success. Our commitment is to achieve an optimal outcome for all of our clients.


Q: How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost in GA?

A: The cost of a criminal lawyer in Georgia varies due to the intricacies of the Georgia legal system. The factors associated with criminal cases mean that some can take much longer than others and may require more resources. An experienced drug crime attorney understands that drug cases can hinge on aspects like the burden of proof, meaning that the attorney will take their time setting up the proper defense.

Q: Can You Get Probation for a Felony Drug Charge in GA?

A: If you are not sentenced to prison for your felony drug charge, you may receive a probation sentence instead. Typically, this outcome happens due to an experienced drug crime attorney’s knowledge of the Georgia legal system.

It is wise to contact a Dekalb County drug crime attorney to help you understand the potential alternative outcomes to your felony drug charge.

Q: What Is the Mandatory Minimum Sentence for Drug Trafficking in Georgia?

A: The mandatory minimum sentence for drug trafficking in Georgia changes depending on what drug and how much of the drug was trafficked. All drug trafficking charges are felonies in Georgia and carry a minimum prison sentence and a hefty fine. The minimum prison and fine sentences rise when trafficking different schedules of drugs. Some Schedule II fines are several hundred thousand dollars.

Q: How Long Do You Go to Jail for Drug Possession in Georgia?

A: If convicted of drug possession in Georgia, your jail time will depend on the type and amount of substance a court convicted you of possessing. Although Schedule I drugs are classified as the most dangerous, unlawful possession of Schedule III, IV, and V drugs is still a felony that can sentence you to a few years in jail. The higher the Schedule, the more years in prison you can expect.

Let Us Fight for You in Dekalb County

Being charged with a drug crime does not mean you have to let it define your future. Contacting Miller North & Brill as soon as possible can ensure we have time to work on your behalf. We can build a strong defense strategy to fight for the optimal outcome available for your case. Our knowledgeable drug crime lawyers dedicate themselves to protecting your rights and future. Contact us today for a consultation.

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