Professional. Experienced. Impressive. All words that absolutely describe Suesan and her staff. But accompanying these qualities is, to me, the most important one: Her dedication to YOU. If you decide to hire Ms. Miller as your lawyer, you are not getting just another name with a degree and some legal knowledge. I was not just another case to deal with before moving on to the next. What I found in Suesan was someone that wasn’t there just to handle my case and get her money, but a real human being that was there to help ME. She will be your partner, your teammate, throughout the entire process. Having experienced everything I went through and looking back on it, nothing helped to comfort me more during an uncomfortable and trying time than having someone like Suesan that I could wholeheartedly trust. She really does care about here clients, and is incredibly good at what she does. You cannot go wrong by hiring Suesan Miller and I would recommend her to any and everyone.

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