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Being charged with a sex crime can be an extremely frightening circumstance to navigate through. There can be a lot of ramifications to being convicted of a sex crime, and they are likely to have a lifelong impact. If you have been accused of a sex crime in Clayton County, then a Clayton County sex crime attorney could be the right resource for you to contact. They can help review your case and provide the necessary legal advice needed to move forward.

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Sex Crime Defenses

Being accused of a sex crime is not a hopeless situation, even though it may feel like it at times. With an experienced attorney on your side, there are several possible defenses that can be used to prove your innocence or reduce the charges you are facing.

  • Overzealous Police or Prosecution. Sometimes, the police fail to follow proper procedures, and any resulting evidence cannot be used against you. The prosecution may also attempt to over-charge, resulting in potential penalties that far exceed the situation. An experienced crime attorney can help ensure your rights are protected.
  • Alibi. If you have an alibi that a third party can verify, then that could be a substantial benefit to your case. If you are wrongfully charged with a crime and have an alibi that can prove your innocence, then you should speak with an attorney immediately.
  • Mistaken identity. It is possible that you have been mistaken for someone else. Victims can be under a lot of stress during these situations, and it could be possible that they misidentified you at the time.
  • Consent. There are some instances where it can be proven that the alleged perpetrator indeed did have consent from the victim during the incident. Unfortunately, some individuals will give consent at the moment and then change their feelings after. Note that the state of Georgia can have strict consent laws regarding crimes such as sex crimes and internet crimes.
  • Affirmative defense. Although rare, there are some instances in which coercion or deception is an appropriate defense.

How a Sex Crime Lawyer Can Help

A sex crime lawyer can ensure that your case gets thoroughly investigated and that your civil rights are protected. A lawyer can also help analyze your case and prepare the right defense for you. Having a qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side could make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Clayton County Sexual Crimes FAQs

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes in Georgia?

A: The statute of limitations on sex crimes in Georgia is seven years. The seven-year period starts from the date the crime occurred. This means that if someone decides to pursue legal action against you in response to an alleged sex crime in Georgia, then they must do so within seven years from the date of the incident. If the victim or prosecution waits until after the seven-year mark has passed, then they are unlikely to be able to pursue legal action.

Q: Where Are the New Sex Offender Laws in Georgia?

A: Sex offender laws in Georgia are outlined in the Georgia Code Title 16 Crimes and Offenses. These laws cover sexual assault, sex crimes, sexual crimes involving minors, age of consent, sex offender registration, and more. In the state of Georgia, any individual who is convicted of a sex crime is often required to formally register as a sex offender in the state. It’s important to work with a sex crime lawyer who can help you understand the applicable laws surrounding sex offenders.

Q: What Is the Age of Consent in Georgia?

A: The age of consent in Georgia states that the age of 16 is when a person can legally consent to sexual intercourse. One aspect of the consent law is the Georgia Romeo and Juliet law. As stated under Georgia state law, if the victim of the sex crime is between the ages of 14 and 16 and the perpetrator is 18 years old or is no greater than four years older than the victim, then it could be a juvenile crime with a misdemeanor charge.

Q: How Long Do Sex Offenders Have to Register in Georgia?

A: Sex offenders in Georgia have 72 hours to register with the sheriff of the county in which they reside. The 72-hour time limit starts when the sex offender is released from prison, placed on parole, probation, supervised release, or entered into the state. If the sex offender is reported to be homeless, then by law, they must register with the sheriff of the county in which they sleep. The registration must be renewed within 72 hours of the sex offender’s birthday each year.

Q: What Is the Process of Registering as a Sex Offender?

A: The process of registering as a sex offender includes going to the county sheriff and presenting yourself for a photograph and fingerprints. The registration must be completed within 72 hours of release or entry into the general population. The registration is to be renewed each year within 72 hours of the offender’s date of birth. Any additional registration requirements may be handled on a case-by-case basis. An experienced sex crime attorney can help you understand this process and ensure that any potential deadlines are met.

An Attorney You Can Trust

Being accused of a crime can be a terrifying situation to be in, especially if it is a sex crime.   Sex offenses can carry some of the heaviest penalties and could lead to individuals being labeled federal criminals. It is important to understand Georgia law does offer protection to those accused; just because you have been arrested for a sex crime does not mean that you are guilty. An experienced legal team can help prepare a criminal defense on your behalf.

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