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No matter the charges against you, it’s important to seek out a criminal defense attorney who will work tirelessly on your case with effective results. If you have been charged with a violent crime, reach out to a skilled Clayton County violent crime lawyer who’s ready to fight on your behalf with knowledge of the law.

At Miller North & Brill, we are dedicated to providing our clients with compassionate criminal defense representation with an aggressive yet fair litigation approach. Our lawyers are prepared to take on any case, assisting and guiding you through the process, no matter how complex or severe the circumstances of your situation are. You have a right to be represented fairly and with dignity within the eyes of the law.

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What Are Violent Crimes in Georgia?

A violent crime in Georgia is any unlawful act that involves the use or threat of force against another party, whether the objective is the violence itself or another crime in which violence is used in tandem. Violent crimes encompass many different violations, including assault and battery, murder/manslaughter, sex offenses, kidnapping, domestic violence, and armed robbery.

The penalties for each crime vary and depend on the circumstances of the case, with sometimes multiple charges at play. Additional influencing factors include the age of the victim and whether or not they are a civil servant or pregnant, the nature of the defendant’s relationship with the victimized party and any past history of violence with them, and whether the defendant has any prior offenses.

Violent crimes that result in a person’s death or injury are likely to be viewed as felony charges, which nearly always involve time in prison as part of punishment. Any violent offense conviction is expected to include some period of incarceration, among other penalties; misdemeanor convictions are likely to be sentenced to time in jail as opposed to prison.

What a Violent Crime Attorney Can Do for You

Hiring a violent crime attorney in Clayton County is more likely to lessen the severity of the penalties assigned to you than if you were to represent yourself. It’s not a legal requirement to hire a criminal lawyer for your court proceedings, but it is highly advisable to consider having one if you are facing criminal charges.

Whether you claim self-defense or even if you mean to plead guilty, they will conduct research and investigations in preparation for your trial, understanding what to look for and having access to a wide breadth of evidence. An experienced attorney will know the strongest course of action for your case’s unique circumstances and what the prosecuting district attorney is likely to say.

A criminal attorney will also make sure to guide you accordingly through the experience, keeping you informed on the laws, legal procedures, and specific jargon, as well as the implications of these. A qualified criminal offense lawyer will ensure you are treated appropriately and with dignity throughout the legal process.

Felony Crimes in Georgia

Felonies in Georgia include kidnapping, murder, manslaughter, burglary, theft over $500, robbery (including armed robbery and robbery with only an implied weapon), arson, identity theft/fraud, and certain crimes, such as assault and/or battery, with aggravating circumstances. Additionally, being in possession of small amounts of an illegal substance, excluding marijuana, is an automatic felony crime.

If convicted of a felony or even charged with a felony, it can have serious and long-lasting repercussions. Some criminal violations normally deemed as misdemeanors may be viewed and treated as felonies under certain circumstances, such as a third or more subsequent DUI charge within a ten-year period.

If you or someone close to you is facing charges that could potentially deem them a federal criminal or has a history of prior felony convictions affecting what should be seen as a misdemeanor, consult with a criminal defense lawyer to help guide you through legal processes toward a positive outcome.

FAQs About Clayton County, GA Violent Crime Laws

What Is Considered a Violent Crime in Georgia?

A violent crime in Georgia is considered any unlawful act that involves using force or threatening the use of force against another person. The offender’s goal may be a violent act in itself, such as sexual assault, or another crime that uses violence as a tool, such as armed robbery.

Can You Bond Out on a Felony Charge in Georgia?

Yes, you can bond out –or pay bail– for a felony charge, but it is not guaranteed. Once you are arrested, you must wait to be taken before an arraignment judge. They will decide whether or not your case will be permitted felony bail. If they allow bail, you or someone you know can pay the bail amount, or you can opt for a bond company to supply the funds upfront.

What Is the 90-Day Bond Rule in Georgia?

In Georgia, the 90-day bond rule means defendants denied bail/bond have the right to be heard before a grand jury within 90 days of arrest. If the prosecution fails to do this, the defendant is allowed a “90-day bond,” which a judge sets.

They may set an unaffordable amount to pay if the case arguing for their release was insufficient or grant a 90-day extension if the prosecution provides a good reason for the time without a trial.

Can a Defense Attorney Know Their Client Is Guilty?

A defense attorney can know their client is guilty. It’s inadvisable to lie to your lawyer; they also cannot lie to you. You may disclose responsibility if you wish to proceed with a plea bargain, but ultimately, your attorney isn’t concerned whether or not you committed the crime.

A lawyer’s job is to act in your interests, trying to prevent the prosecution from proving your criminal involvement by building a strong defense and weakening the prosecution’s case.

For Your Strongest Chance, Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Consult with one of our qualified defense lawyers at Miller North & Brill if you’ve been charged with or wrongly accused of a violent crime. We will do everything within our legal ability to appeal your unjust conviction, lighten the penalties if you were found guilty, or prevent a conviction altogether.

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